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Force Applications

Imada has many pre-configured test systems for dedicated testing of a particular force testing application. Cant find your application? Contact us and speak with one of our engineers.

Compression TestersCompression Testers, Up to 1,100 lbf

Wire Crimp TestersWire Crimp Testers, Up to 1,100 lbf

Food TestersFood Testers, Up to 22 lbf

Peel TestersPeel Testers, Up to 1,100 lbf

Puncture TestersPuncture Testers, Up to 100 lbf

Push Pull TestersPush Pull Testers, Up to 1,100 lbf

Spring TestersSpring Testers, Up to 1,100 lbf

Strength TesterStrength Tester, Up to 1,100 lbf

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