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 PCR-LE Series

High-performance multifunctional AC Power Supplies (CV/CF)
7 Models

PCR-LE SeriesThe PCR-LE Series is a new line of advanced multifunctional AC power supply that has been developed from our PCR-L/LA Series …


Instruments Drivers

 PCR-LE2 Series

Multi-output AC Power Supplies (CV/CF)
5 Models

PCR-LE2 SeriesThe PCR-LE2 Series are designed based on the PCR-LE Series that supports single-phase output, single-phase 3-wire output, and…


Instruments Drivers

 PCR-M Series

Compact AC Power Supplies (CV/CF)
4 Models

PCR-M SeriesThe PCR-M Series is a small-size AC power supply with the ease of a variable auto transformer or an automatic voltage regulat…


Instruments Drivers

 PCR-W/W2 Series

High Efficiency AC Power Supplies (CV/CF)
6 Models

PCR-W/W2 SeriesWith a primary development concept of improved efficiency and low cost, the PCR-W/W2-Series, regulated AC power supply, featu…


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