Provide Measuring Instruments

As a trading company specially supplying for machines, accurate measuring tools produced by world-famous brands such as MITUTOYO, ZEISS, NIIGATA SEIKI, NIKON, ADCOLE, OSAKA SEIMITSU, IMADA.

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Provide Spare part for Automation Industry

We are an Authorized Distributor of Pneumatics Equipment of SMC in Vietnam. In addition, we are also providing other products for Automation Industry such as: KYOWA, THK, FUJI ELECTRIC, NITTO KOHKI…


Calibration Measuring Instruments

Besides, with a close co-operation with manufacturers and our well-experienced experts, we aim to provide installation and training service, spare part replacement and satisfactory after-sales service as well.



  • Approaching
  • Consulting
  • Purchasing
  • After sales

We are always active in learning about the clients’ demands on goods, services apart from receiving the requests from the clients to serve the clients more and more effectively.

After grasping the demands of the customers, our engineers and customer care section shall cooperate with the experts of Manufacturers to determine the specification requirements, machine use purposes, measuring equipment or after sales services to give consultancy on products and services which are suitable with criteria, optimally meeting the specification requirements with the logical and effective investment costs.

On the basis of meeting the specification requirements, we give quotation and execute the contracts of goods and services supply with competitive price and customized delivery time, suitable with the use demand of the clients.

We frequently update the status and progress of goods supply as per the contract signed with the clients to assure the timely delivery of goods and services as per the committed schedule and time. Carry out the training, instruction for use for the machines, equipment trainined and cooperate with the experts of the manufacturers to carry out the training, technology transfer to the complex machinery, equipment for the technicians of the clients. Assure the goods maintenance and warranty operations during the warranty period, meanwhile supply the annual repairing and calibration for the machines and equipment the warranty period of which expires as per the regulations of the contract and the manufacturer.